Themed Restaurant, Europa-Park

Bamboe Baai, Europa-Park


A Culinary Voyage to Indonesia!

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Step into the enchanting world of Bamboo Baai, a culinary haven at Europa-Park meticulously crafted by me and my dedicated team. Transforming this themed restaurant was a labor of love, taking creativity to new heights over the course of two years. Immerse yourself in the intricately designed ambiance that mirrors the serenity of a bamboo forest. My vision unfolded through not just the culinary delights but also in the thematic waiting area, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality.

The narrative is woven into every corner, from the themed decor to the carefully selected menu items. The fusion of authentic design, animatronics, and atmospheric audio amplifies the dining experience. I took special care to incorporate sustainable practices, ensuring Bamboo Baai aligns with modern environmental consciousness.

This project exemplifies my commitment to elevating themed entertainment experiences. Join me in savoring the result of our collective effort, a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, and creativity at Bamboo Baai.


  • Category : Restaurants & Cafés ; Theme-Parks
  • Date : 2018 – 2020
  • Client : Europa-Park Mack KG
  • Location : Rust, Germany


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