Master-planning: Drop-Off Area

Drop-Off Area Studies, Europa-Park


Redefining Arrival: Seamless Connectivity at Europa-Park’s New Gateway

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Let me walk you through my personal project, a master-plan study that redefines the drop-off area at Europa-Park, blending sustainability and innovative transport practices. In my free time, I meticulously crafted two options to elevate the guest experience.

Option one involves a thoughtful reconfiguration of the existing parking lot and garages. The drop-off area is strategically placed near a vibrant commercial village. Guests can now indulge in shops and restaurants even after the park closes, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. This sustainable approach not only optimizes the existing infrastructure but also enhances the overall visitor journey.

In option two, I envisioned a solution closer to the highway, featuring direct access to a new monorail station seamlessly connecting with the Resort. This strategic placement prioritizes convenience and efficiency, ushering in a new era of transportation at Europa-Park. The monorail provides swift and direct access, promoting a sustainable alternative while maintaining a seamless connection to the park.

Both options showcase my dedication to reimagining spaces with an emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and an enhanced visitor experience. Join me in envisioning a future where every detail is crafted to elevate the essence of Europa-Park.


  • Category : ¬†Theme-Parks ; Retails & Commercial Spaces ; Real Estate Developers ; Hotels & Resorts
  • Date : 2020
  • Client : Europa-Park Mack KG
  • Location : Rust, Germany


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