Pirates in Batavia

Pirates in Batavia, Europa-Park


“Hope is a phoenix that rises from its ashes.”

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Over two years, our team poured passion into every detail, redefining this iconic attraction. From the captivating waiting line design to groundbreaking medias, animatronics, and mapping, our collaborative effort breathed new life into the heart of the park. Witness my dedication in the homage scene, where a rescue boat showcases salvaged animated figures from the fire, paying tribute to the attraction’s storied past. The integration of the speakers and other technical elements reflects my unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled themed entertainment experience. Join me in celebrating the artistry, resilience, and teamwork that brought Pirates in Batavia back to life.


  • Category : Theme-Parks
  • Date :2018 – 2020
  • Client : Europa-Park Mack KG
  • Location : Rust, Germany


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