Riyadh Season 2023

Riyadh Imagination Park, Riyadh


Where Dreams Unfold and Entertainment Transcends Boundaries.

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The Riyadh Imagination Park, a 15-hectare entertainment destination, seamlessly integrates Netflix and Warner Bros IPs, car shows, F&B, and curated shopping. The thematic design, resembling a tree, unfolds into Netflix Land, Warner Bros. Land, and Car Show Area. Distinctive facades, iconic landmarks, and attention to cultural details enhance the immersive experience. Overcoming challenges through cultural sensitivity, the park stands as a visionary testament, exceeding expectations. A transformative journey awaits visitors, marking a cultural celebration in Riyadh and setting a new standard for entertainment in Saudi Arabia. The blend of creativity, technology, and cultural resonance positions it as a landmark attraction, leaving a lasting impact on the region’s cultural and entertainment scene.


  • Category : Brands & Corporations ; Event Planners ; Restaurants & Cafés ; Retails & Commercial Spaces ; Theme-Parks
  • Date : 2022-2023
  • Client : Alamia
  • Location : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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