New Themed Area, Europa-Park

New Themed Area, Europa-Park


A Scottish Odyssey in the Heart of Europa-Park

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Step into my vision for Europa-Park’s enchanting heart, where I’ve meticulously crafted a masterplan to transform a serene natural area into a captivating Scottish haven. Picture the seamless integration of the Mack Rides “Rocking Boat” system, mirroring the mythical allure of Loch Ness. My proposal weaves a narrative that transports visitors to the Scottish Highlands, with quaint structures housing enticing shops, delectable F&B, and engaging games.

Wander through the open-air masterpiece, discovering an immersive interactive walkthrough experience inspired by the ancient mystique of Stonehenge. As you explore, the echoes of Scotland’s rich history and folklore beckon, creating a harmonious blend between the natural landscape and themed architecture.

This masterplan is not just about rides and attractions; it’s a symphony of culture, nature, and entertainment. Join me in realizing this transformative journey within Europa-Park, where every detail reflects my dedication to crafting unforgettable experiences that stand the test of time.


  • Category : ¬†Theme-Parks ; Retails & Commercial Spaces ; Real Estate Developers
  • Date : 2020
  • Client : Europa-Park Mack KG
  • Location : Rust, Germany


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