Sea World Abu Dhabi: One Ocean

One Ocean, Sea World Abu Dhabi


Unveiling a Symphony of Nature and Community

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Dive into the captivating world of Sea World Abu Dhabi’s Sea Lion Habitat, where a hidden cove unfolds a mesmerizing tale. Witness sea lions frolicking above water, nestled on rocks and diving into the waves. Explore paths revealing different angles of these charismatic creatures in a transformed fishing town, now a haven for nature lovers. Amid old industrial buildings, locals sell pretzels, surfboards, and ocean gear, creating a harmonious blend of marine life and human activity.

Feeding times become interactive experiences as guests purchase fish to engage with sea lions, guided by Educators and Animal Trainers. The iconic striped lighthouse, now a symbol of adventure, stands tall as sea lions rest and play on docks and buoys. The natural evolution of nets and traps into historical artifacts showcases the symbiosis between nature and the community.

Below water, the lighthouse basement unveils a trove of stories from the last family who lived there. Guests descend into cool stone rooms, surrounded by windows into the sea lions’ habitat. Personal items and remnants of the past create a poignant narrative, from canning supplies to navigational maps. Stone walls give way to underwater views, where sea lions navigate kelp forests and rock formations, bringing guests face-to-whisker with these playful creatures. Immerse yourself in this enchanting underwater sanctuary, where history, nature, and marine life converge.


  • Category : Theme-Parks ; Zoo
  • Date :2020 – 2022
  • Client : Aspen Creations / Miral
  • Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE


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