Interactive Dark-Ride

New Dark-Ride Concept with BoldMove Nation


Immersive Midway Dark Ride

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Unleash the Excitement with FUSION: A Cutting-Edge Dark Ride Experience! This revamped classic seamlessly blends addictive gameplay with immersive theming, featuring a jaw-dropping plot twist. Back-to-back seating and fixed interactive devices offer a unique ride for over 900 persons per hour. Dive into fully themed environments with top-tier tech for a multisensory adventure. Sustainability meets innovation with high-quality theming and flexible upgrades. Extend the magic with a master plan encompassing an entire themed area, ensuring FUSION is a year-round, weatherproof delight for all occasions – from everyday fun to special events.


  • Category : Theme-Parks
  • Date : 2023
  • Client : BoldMove Nation
  • Location : TBD

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