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Where Luxury Lodging Meets Pirate Charm and Natural Serenity!

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In 2025, Nigloland’s hospitality landscape undergoes a transformative expansion with the introduction of Cabaïana. Nestled just behind the “Hôtel des Pirates”, this collection of 20 eco-designed wooden lodges redefines luxury in a lush, natural setting. Picture a 4-star superior experience that harmoniously accommodates up to 6 guests per lodge, radiating warmth and tranquility.

Distinguished by their eco-conscious design, Cabaïana invites visitors to immerse themselves in the dense, natural environment, preserving the spirit of the Pirates in a unique and sustainable way. Each lodge tells a tale of comfort and connection with nature, offering an unforgettable escape that resonates with the essence of Nigloland.

Join me on this journey as we expand beyond conventional boundaries, weaving the pirates’ spirit into the fabric of Cabaïana, where every stay is a celebration of eco-luxury and immersive tranquility.


  • Category : Theme-Parks ; Hotels & Resorts ; Real Estate Developers
  • Date : 2021 – 2022
  • Client : Nigloland
  • Location : Dolancourt, France


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