35th Anniversary Decorations

Nigloland’s 35th Anniversary Celebration!


Unveils a Symphony of Splendor!

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In honor of Nigloland’s milestone 35th Anniversary, I embarked on a journey to adorn the park with enchanting decorations that mirror the essence of its rich history. Every corner, every pathway now whispers tales of joy and laughter, encapsulating three and a half decades of magical moments.

The celebratory decor blends nostalgia with a touch of modernity, creating an ambiance that resonates with both long-time patrons and first-time visitors. Vibrant banners, dazzling lights, and bespoke installations weave a tapestry of memories, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Nigloland.

Join me in commemorating this extraordinary milestone as the park transforms into a visual ode to 35 years of fun, laughter, and cherished experiences. Together, let’s revel in the timeless elegance of Nigloland’s 35th Anniversary Celebration!


  • Category : Theme-Parks
  • Date : 2021 – 2022
  • Client : Nigloland
  • Location : Dolancourt, France


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