Sea World Abu Dhabi: Polar Ocean


Polar Ocean, Sea World Abu Dhabi


Unveiling Earth’s Poles, Where Arctic and Antarctic Wonders Converge!

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Dive into the polar extremes at Sea World Abu Dhabi: Polar Ocean, where the Arctic and Antarctica converge to create an immersive celebration of icy wonders. Experience the Arctic’s vibrant coastal villages, where walrus, puffins, and sea eagles thrive amidst shifting landscapes. SEA Collective’s Arctic mission base, a research vessel on the village’s edge, invites all to explore.

In Antarctica, brave the bracing winds and icy shelves to witness the penguins’ reign. SEA Collective invites you to join Antarctic missions, delving into the heart of the snow in science-forward ice pods or beneath the shimmering surface, where penguins glide with speed and grace. Discover the interconnected life, color, and energy of these distant yet influential icy frontiers, showcasing the Earth’s poles like never before.


  • Category : Theme-Parks ; Zoo
  • Date :2020 – 2022
  • Client : Aspen Creations / Miral
  • Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE