About me

About me

I’m a multi-disciplinary Creative & Art Director who’s delivering unique and immersive attractions across the world.

As a Young Entrepreneur passionated about the Leisure Industry, I started my career 10 years ago when I created my own regional Halloween event. Then, I moved into the professional world of Themed Entertainment when I became Designer for a themed decors vendor.

In 2018 I embarked on an international career when I worked for the creative department of Europa-Park on the Rulantica water park, the dark-ride Pirates in Batavia and other various in-house projects. Then, I worked on the development of the new theme park Sea World in Abu Dhabi as Art Director.

Since end 2021, Morgan Fix Creative is born. I'm helping theme-parks to grow and projects to carried out. Thanks to my experience and versatility, I provide creative and technical solutions that meet your needs.

If you want to learn more about me and my previous work, you can download my Resume & Portfolio here (don't hesitate to contact me for the password):